Septa strategic business plan

These are the values at the core of Lean, SEPTA's initiative to increase productivity and improve customer service with fewer resources. PECO rebates for energy efficiency projects 16, Each program is tailored to the specific audience and includes a slide show, video and question-and-answer session.

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Farmers markets ensure that communities, particularly those with low accessibility to healthy, local food, are able to affordably and conveniently purchase produce.

For more information about Operation Lifesaver, click here. Weekend work may be required to maintain the project schedule. The track in this area was installed in the s. The report provides data that demonstrates that SEPTA's unit costs are quite reasonable and moderate when compared to others in the industry.

One aspect of SEPTA's staff strength is the cost consciousness that seems to be inbred into so many of the managers. Incorporate sustainability into employee training and wellness programs.

In earlynew hire operator turnover was hovering around 25 percent. SEPTA's Strategic Business Plan highlights the importance of ongoing workforce development and included a five percent annual goal for increased employee training attendance.

The investment in our infrastructure was done out of necessity, but has proven to be invaluable. The services that SEPTA provides to the region - and the facilities that support those services - also consume resources that factor into its environmental impacts.

This week, we'll describe SEPTA's efforts to improve regional air quality by reducing criteria air pollutant emissions from its combustion engine vehicles. The result is an increasingly decentralized region where many older, transit-oriented communities have become less economically competitive.

The energy storage device would capture, store, and reuse electricity generated from braking trains, improving energy efficiency and reducing demand along this important corridor.

But advancing an agenda of economic prosperity, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship in an era of budgetary constraints and limited resources requires proactive planning and creative approaches for implementation.

DOT press release, "Clean Fuels Grant recipients were awarded competitively based on the project's ability to help communities achieve or maintain the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone and carbon monoxide while supporting emerging clean fuel and advanced propulsion technologies for transit buses.

Between andSEPTA reduced its energy consumption at the building by more than 2 million kilowatt hours, a single-year efficiency gain of 9. SEPTA is no different, with more than 9, employees committed to promoting a culture of excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation across a series of strategic programs - from system safety to customer service to sustainability.

About the author Christine Fisher, Transportation reporter From Christine covered transportation, writing about everything from pedestrian concerns to bicycle infrastructure, bridges, trail networks, public transit and more.

Efforts to Improve Regional Air Quality Goal 1 February 25, Last week's post demonstrated the extent to which SEPTA reduces regional greenhouse gas emissions by taking cars off the road, reducing congestion, and supporting energy efficient, transit-oriented development.

As recipients of federally designated grant funding, transit agencies are required to adhere to equitable contracting practices.

SEPTA Approves FY2016 Operating & Capital Budgets

During the morning rush hour on Wednesday, April 29, Authority employees distributed educational materials and answered safety questions at more than SEPTA rail, trolley and bus stations, loops and transportation centers throughout the Authority's five-county service area.

Building a Customer-Focused Organization September 2, SEPTA is in the business of sustainability and has built a comprehensive program that integrates strategies to account for its economic, social, and environmental impacts. SEPTA complements employee training programs with both a wellness and a safety education program to ensure the ongoing health of all SEPTA employees and their families.

A May Harvard Business Review article makes the case that these challenges are nothing short of generational, and that sustainability is in fact an emerging "mega-trend" that will serve as a determining factor in the viability of organizations for years to come: Building a Customer-Focused Organization September 2, SEPTA is in the business of sustainability and has built a comprehensive program that integrates strategies to account for its economic, social, and environmental impacts.

In earlynew hire operator turnover was hovering around 25 percent. And funding shortages often leave transit organizations battling to provide reliable service while identifying and making only the most needed and cost-effective repairs.

You should assume there could be a train coming on any track at any time. Locally, persistent unemployment and funding shortages have created fiscal deficits that threaten critically important projects and programs, at SEPTA and elsewhere.

And yet, with a newly deregulated electricity market and rising fuel prices, energy consumption is an increasing challenge to not only its environmental performance but also its fiscal stability. The plan is macro, Comati said. Intensive succession planning will help to ensure seamless transitions between current and future members of SEPTA's leadership.

A safety notice program has increased awareness of work-related risks, and rigorous inspections of vehicles and facilities ensure compliance with safety standards. Currently, the program is focused on IT and engineering departments. More broadly, SEPTA will undertake the following initiatives to build and sustain a highly skilled, healthy, and versatile workforce: Track replacement is necessary because the street structure supporting the tracks has deteriorated due to weather, traffic and the age of the road surface.

As the calendar turns tolingering economic uncertainty and accelerating environmental degradation continue to touch every corner of the world.

For SEPTA, energy consumption is driven by the fuel and power needed to run its vehicles and operate its facilities. Across the state, underfunded and aging transportation, education, water, and waste facilities have fallen into a general state of disrepair.

The wide variety of waste streams that result from the scale and diversity of SEPTA's day-to-day operations requires a comprehensive approach to management and operational control. According to a U. The SEPTA Board approved Operating and Capital Budgets for Fiscal Yearthe month period that begins July 1, during its regular monthly meeting on May 28, The budgets provide funds for the everyday expenses of running the transit system, and to further SEPTA's capital improvement initiatives.

SEPTA STAT OVERVIEW BALANCED SCORECARD OF KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS CONTENTS SAFETY & SECURITY SLIDES Vehicle, Passenger & Station Accidents 3. The official YouTube channel of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery & Philadelphia C. Entitled "SEP-TAINABLE ", the plan is a core part of SEPTA's Five-Year Strategic Business Plan.

SEPTA Awarded Grant To Help Purchase 10 Electric Buses

It implements a triple-bottom line approach - economic, social and environmental - to all of SEPTA's efforts. Chief Engineer Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Philadelphia, PA BUILDING AN SEPTA's STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN SEPTA, as an organization, has committed to focusing on seven key strategic Human Capital Development.

The plan enables the organization to measure its progress toward the strategic. CONTENTS BALANCED SCORECARD OF KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS SAFETY & SECURITY SLIDES Vehicle, Passenger & Station Accidents 3 Lost Time, Non‐Lost Time 4‐5.

Septa strategic business plan
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SEPTA aims for happier riders in proposed 5-year plan - Philly